For those of you unsure as to which trend to follow this season: go green! Green is not only hot in the environmental sense, it’s also booming in home decor. So it’s time to overcome any doubts and bring nature into your home! Plants, wood, rattan, pottery and other natural materials are all the rage this year.

At Dutchbone we had sensed for some time that the “Back to Nature” trend was set to hit the big time in modern interior design. First we saw a rising popularity of trips to faraway, unspoilt places, and following from that, the rise of honest products made of natural materials. Both fit in with the Dutchbone collection.

With natural materials like plants, rattan and wood you bring nature into your home

With the help of a number of Dutchbone products it is super easy to introduce this ambiance into your home. Use Kubu chairs at your dining table and for extra comfort, drape the ‘Caspian green’ Shaun sheepskins over them. Put the cream carpet Rugged under your dining table; maybe even use two to allow room for your chairs.

Hang a couple of Wood Top pendant lamps over the table and hook a few little Gabe pendants to the ceiling or to the Wood Top cable. Two Kubu mirrors will look amazing on the wall behind the dining table. Complete the look with candles on a Moroccan plate and a Bahir vase with a nice, single branch from the garden.

For those who want to take things a step further: paint the walls with the mirrors in a green colour, but not as green as the sheepskins or it will be too bold. Choose a natural light green with a matt finish such as Spar (S4020-G10Y) from the Histor collection.

left: Kubu chairs, middle: Kubu mirror, right: Bahir and Baha vase

Dutchbone Gabe is a pendant lamp you can never have too many of anyway. With a light source that doesn’t even need a wall socket, this classic looking jar turns out to be surprisingly modern! The secret lies in its super-efficient LED lamp with battery! Just perfect for that dark corner in the house, or if you like you can even use it outdoors under your umbrella, sunshade or veranda.

Do you own a Gabe pendant lamp by Dutchbone? Show us on Instagram using hashtag #dutchbone; we’d love to see how you use yours!