Wall lamps and spotlights illuminate your interior, but you can also use them to highlight your personal treasures, valuable heirlooms or souvenirs. This is what the current approach to interiors is all about: creating an ideal mixture of personal items and contemporary interior products.

We call this trend that combines old and new “Inherited Elegance”. Treasured items from the past come in many different sizes and forms: a lovely old pharmacist’s cabinet that once belonged to a great grandfather, a large solid wooden desk once used by your father or a very special vase from your grandmother’s collection. All these items deserve a place of honour in your home. While large items of furniture catch the eye immediately, it is often difficult to draw attention to small items. We have a good solution: use wall lamps or spotlights to (literally) shine a light on them.

“All your treasured items deserve a place of honour in your home”

You can give your favourite painting a prominent place in your interior by shining a light on it with an elegant wall lamp like Dutchbone’s Patt. Patt has a stylish design and a distinctive look. The adjustable arm and shade allow you to direct the beam wherever you need it.

A drawing table like Stilo also deserves attention. You can do this by mounting a wall lamp like Devi above it. Like Patt, Devi has an adjustable arm and shade so you can use it to highlight your prints, drawings, sketches and artworks.

Wall and ceiling-mounted spotlights are also ideal for highlighting interior items. Take a look at our Scope spotlights. You can mount them on the ceiling or on the wall and turn the adjustable beam in any direction you desire.

Your favourite smaller items also deserve a place in the spotlight. A wall-mounted shelf with a Dutchbone wall lamp mounted above it is ideal for displaying your collection of special souvenirs.

Sura & Solo pendant lamps – Lily wall lamp – Karish wall lamp

A simpler solution, that does not require drilling holes in walls, is to place your personal treasures on a side table or cabinet. This also lets you change the items displayed and move them around in your home – ideal for interior lovers who like to make changes regularly. Hang an attractive lamp above your table or cabinet or place a table lamp next to your items to make sure they don’t go unnoticed.

Dutchbone products suitable for displaying your favourite treasured items: