Dutchbone showroom virtual tour

On the internet you can travel places you might not be able to visit otherwise… like our Dutchbone showroom in Westzaan. Take a virtual tour and start exploring it in this 360-viewer now! Just click and drag to discover what treasures we have gathered for the Dutchbone collection, and how to create warm and eclectic interiors combining these gems.
But do note that this is just a moment in time, so don’t expect to see the same when you run into Dutchbone again. We are always on the move to gather new additions for the collection, so keep your eyes on Dutchbone!

De Verskade

Welcome to ‘de Verskade’ in Zaandam, an unique place where you can do your grocery shopping, get inspired by enthusiastic entrepreneurs and meet up to have a lunch. ‘de Verskade’ combines vintage Verkade (Dutch Cookie brand) posters with the Dutchbone Crude tables and the Scuola chairs.