“Inherited Elegance” is the name our design team gave to the interior trend of 2018. “Inherited Elegance” follows the “Sophisticated Chic” trend of 2017. Does this mean you need to change everything in your interior for this style? No, “Sophisticated Chic” still exists, but “Inherited Elegance” gives it more depth and additional accents. A little secret: personal identity plays a big role in this important trend.

Sophisticated Chic
This trend has been around for a while and is about lounging in a setting reminiscent of grand hotels. An important influence in this style is “Mid Century Modern,” which began around 1930 and lasted until around 1965 and to which the designers Ray and Charles Eames made an important contribution. This style period covered not just furniture but also architecture. Another important theme in Sophisticated Chic style is the 1920s with elegant and luscious velvet fabrics. In general, it is evident that this style looks to the first half of the 20th century as a source of inspiration.

Sophisticated Chic

The hotel lobby atmosphere has become an essential feature, particularly in restaurants and other establishments. The guiding look is dark, sensuous and full of lounge elements. We called this style with walnut, black leather, thick velvet, gold and Art Deco patterns, “Sophisticated Chic.”

Collage Mid century Modern: Eames [Image: Vitra], Frank Loyd Wright [Image: Mid-century Home], Dutchbone Flair pink

Inherited Elegance
For 2018, we predict that this “Sophisticated Chic” style will be given more grace and personality with “Inherited Elegance.” Stylish hotel lounges will remain a source of inspiration, but in 2018 this will felt to be too impersonal. The style will be given a personal touch with your own special treasures, valued heirlooms and souvenirs that bring back memories. “Inherited Elegance” is all about combining personal interior items with contemporary products: old meets new. And the nice thing is: it doesn’t matter what you mix and match, the combination of these different elements is enough.

‘Sophisticated Chic’ supplemented with ‘Inherited Elegance’

The colours we use for Dutchbone’s “Inherited Elegance” interior style are strong: deep colours inspired by oriental spices, like spicy orange, curry yellow and cinnamon brown. Other important colours are a lovely deep emerald green, elegant antique pink and deep night blue. These are colours that are reminiscent of the first half of the 20th century.

Kate lounge chair deep blue – old pink Flair lounge chair – green Chester sofa

Materials that are used a lot are velvet, wood, metal and brass. Velvet is silky soft, has deep colours and a lovely nap that creates fascinating colour variations and a more interesting look. Some velvet materials also look a little washed-out for a more “well-worn” look.

Lots of metal is used: spray-painted black or with a crude industrial look as if untreated. The legs and feet of couches and chairs have different shapes: both round and slender square legs are in fashion.

The wood used is dark: walnut or finished with dark varnish. The wood is often combined with metal. Dutchbone’s Alagon table is a good example of this popular combination.

Cassidy chair, Alagon table – metal detail Lily wall lamp – Flower lounge chair, Patt floorlamp – wood detail Alagon table

The panels of doors and table tops remind one of hand-made floors. The herringbone pattern we know from the floors of old Amsterdam canal houses is used for table tops and cabinet doors. The items in our Class range are good examples.

Class table with its beautiful patern

Our Dutchbone collection offers various options for displaying your personal treasures and souvenirs attractively so that you can easily create the “Inherited Elegance” style in your home.

How to go about this?
Set aside an area of your room as your “Inherited Elegance” corner. Lay a dark brown Bawang carpet in this area. Make sure that the carpet size you choose is large enough so that everything fits onto it. In this way the carpet creates a boundary for your area.

Put Dutchbone’s new Class cabinet against the wall. If you would like a complete transformation, paint the wall a lovely dark blue with Flexa Puur Ocean 010 paint. You can put your books in the Class open cabinet and also your souvenirs. Put a pink Flair chair next to it, just a little more into the room. Place a Patt standing lamp next to the chair to provide light for reading. A Zatar table with three separate round table tops gives you a place to put your drinks. Fasten Lilly wall lamp to the wall with screws to illuminate the cabinet and your souvenirs.

Bawang carpet – Class shelf – Lily wall lamp – Flexa Puur Ocean – Zatar side table

If you prefer spicy orange, choose an orange Flower Chair. This lovely armchair was awarded this year’s “Vrouw Award” by the the Dutch national newspaper “De Telegraaf.” It is an eye-catching piece of furniture in any setting. 

Flower lounge chair

If you’d rather display a collection of small souvenirs somewhere else, rather than in the cabinet, take a look at Dutchbone’s Luggage table. This is a cute side table in the form of a suitcase – perfect for putting all your small things in.

What does your own room look like after making this transformation? Please show us on Instagram, using the hashtag #dutchbone.

Products you can use for “Inherited Elegance”: