The Dutchbone design team is unanimous about the hottest interior trend of the moment when it comes to style, colour and material use: “Sophisticated Chic”. What we’re currently lusting after in our homes is elegance and luxury! Plush fabrics such as soft velvet are on the rise. Classic, 1920s influences are clearly visible in prints and photographs. Check out these pictures to see classy colours such as black and gold incorporated into gold and brass coloured accessories, gold-coloured brass caps on chair legs, gold water jugs, gold mirrors, etc. So how do you go about bringing some “Sophisticated Chic” to your own space? Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Colours and materials

The colours that dominate this style are ochre yellow, dark green and dark blue, so use these for your sofa, lounge chair or cushions. They can also be used in a ‘ton-sur-ton’ scheme, which basically involves using different shades of the same colour.

The colours ochre yellow, dark green and dark blue dominate the style Sophisticated Chic

There’s no doubt that the fabric of the moment is velvet. A velvet lounge chair with black legs and gold detailing fits perfectly into the “Sophisticated Chic” trend. Velvet cushions in ochre yellow, dark green and old pink are also right on trend for this look.

Prints and designs

Current designs are full of graphic patterns with a nod to times gone by. Influences are seen from Art Nouveau to Art Deco – decorative styles dating from 1900 to the late 1930s – with graphic styles and linear patterns as iconic features.

In wallpaper, we’re seeing lots of prints suggesting peacock eyes and peacock feathers, with the dark greens and dark blues that prevail here also clearly visible in the rest of the interior colour scheme.

Wallpaper Zoffany Ebru Sapphire has a print suggesting peacock feathers

Apart from wallpaper you can also opt for an easier solution: paint. Why not paint an entire wall ochre yellow using “Lush Honey” by Flexa or dark green “Kaliber” by Histor. Guaranteed to create a stunning effect with the coloured velvet furniture pieces and accessories.

Paint a wall in dark green Histor “Kaliber” (left) or ochre yellow Flexa “Lush honey” (right)

Make a statement by hanging a large painting on the painted wall. Nature-based motifs such as large birds, parrots and flamboyant peacocks are particularly hot right now.

Dutchbone meets Sophisticated Chic

The fun thing for us is that we see trends coming a mile off and can exchange ideas on how we’re going to respond. Is there a common thread? How can we, at Dutchbone, use velvet and how are we going to integrate the angular lines of Art Deco into our fabrics? An interesting challenge for our design team! Discover some of the results here – examples from our collection which we have named “Sophisticated Chic”.

Are you a fan of the interior trend “Sophisticated Chic” and did you paint a wall in ochre yellow or dark green? Or do you have this thing with peacock prints and did you hang a beautiful print on your wall? Show us your photo at Instagram with #dutchbone and we might share your photo!