Taking a look inside an interior is not just fun, you can learn a lot too. For example, from the earliest European paintings of interiors by old masters, we know that oriental carpets were already very fashionable in the thirteenth century. Archaeologists have discovered that Persian carpets were being made in ancient Persia more than 2500 years ago.

Today, oriental carpets are still popular and carpets – oriental or not – have become an essential part of our interiors. It should be no surprise that Dutchbone’s collection includes quite a few carpets.

For the Dutchbone collection, we like to use artisanal carpet makers who are masters of the art of weaving, knotting and stamping. They often work with lovely mixes of wool and cotton. We also look for modern techniques and materials that can be used to make extremely soft carpets with a practical very low pile.

“At Dutchbone, we like to tell the interesting stories behind the carpets”

At Dutchbone, we like to tell the interesting stories behind our carpets. Often, these stories are the reason why we have included the carpets in our collection. We would like to tell you about a number of amazing (new) carpets in our large collection.

Collage Pix


Pix is from India. During a visit to the artisanal carpet makers at their workplace, we realised that they were able to make wonderful carpets in other shapes than the traditional rectangles. This is how the idea of Pix came about. This carpet is handmade and features a lovely palette of colours. The long fringe around the carpet adds a frivolous touch, while the round shape with a diameter of 170cm (!) makes it a real eyecatcher.

Collage Dobs


Our new Dobs carpet surprises in many ways. Our expert carpet makers use different weaving techniques to produce this handmade carpet. This gives Dobs a variety of textures and a very interesting look and feel. You need to run your hand over this carpet to fully appreciate the effect. The sand-coloured version has a lovely ton sur ton colour palette. The dark version, Dobs Urban, features a variety of anthracite shades; in the evening, it looks night blue – a lovely effect.

“Brown and grey actually composed of the countless shades and intensities of the same colour.”

Arizona picture for inspiration


For our Arizona carpet, we were inspired by earthy colours. In nature, brown and grey are actually composed of countless hues and intensities of the same colour. We tried to capture this colour effect in our Arizona carpet. This lovely natural carpet is hand-woven by artisans who mainly work with wool.

Collage Kasba


We at Dutchbone fell in love with the Arab influences in the decorative pattern of our Kasba carpet. This carpet is hand-woven and is 80% wool. It is a real eyecatcher. The stylish pattern forms a nice relief on the carpet and makes this carpet suitable for use in many different situations. Kasba is a carpet that looks even more interesting and eye-catching when you take a closer look.

Bid picture for inspiration

Bid en Rugged

Our Bid and Rugged carpets are classics in all respects. They were some of the first carpets we added to our collection and have very classic pattern. Both are made in Europe and woven by machine. These carpets feature a strong backing and a very low pile so that they lie very flat on the floor. They are also super soft to touch.

We decided that Bid deserved a nice fringe, so we added one. Bid offers old-fashioned charm but with all the modern advantages described above.

“We added every one of our Dutchbone carpets to our collection for good reasons.”

As you can see, we added every one of our Dutchbone carpets to our collection for good reasons. And the carpets above are just a few of our carpets. You have plenty to choose from. Which carpet will you choose?