Bringing nature indoors has been a hot interior design trend for some time now. At Dutchbone we take this trend very literally indeed. Our collection offers a variety of products made from materials that come straight from nature, such as natural stone and wood. In this blog we’d like to tell you more about the materials we use for our stylish interior products.

"Our collection offers a variety of products made from materials that come straight from nature"

Alluring agate

We’ve recently added some items to our collection incorporating a very special natural product: agate. Agate is a gemstone that occurs in beautiful colours and in many different sizes and types, each stone seemingly more stunning than the last. Agates form in cavities in rock, which explains why they often have a round or even almond shape.
As children we used to be fascinated by gemstones, even those that were grey and dull looking on the outside. This rough outer layer is known as the skin. Sometimes we got lucky and found a stone with a crack, allowing us a peek into the brilliance inside. Whenever we found a rock during our holidays in France, we would desperately want to break it open, hoping to find that special treasure inside.

Dutchbone Gem candle holder is made of agate

Dutchbone candleholder Gem is made from this unique agate. Gem is a one-of-a-kind item because no two agates are the same in terms of shape, colour or size. This makes an agate object a unique home decor item. For our Gem candleholders we use agate that often still has its rough exterior.

As the name gives away, our Agate side table also incorporates agate. The tabletop is decorated with colourful ‘splashes’ of agate. These loose slabs rest on a glass tabletop with an epoxy resin finish, resulting in a highly decorative, colourful tabletop. The agate for this Dutchbone coffee table is sourced from India.

Versatile marble

Items made from the natural stone marble have been in our collection for a while. The word marble comes from the Greek ‘marmaros’, meaning ‘shining stone’. Did you know the colour of marble varies depending on the country and region it comes from? Marble can be white, red, pink, beige, black, green etc. In fact it has so many colour variations we might as well name the full colour spectrum!

Marble is trendy and very contemporary, being used extensively in architecture, sculpture and in interior design. Because it is a hard stone, marble has the benefit of being strong and sturdy. Also, it’s available in a host of beautiful colours and features a pattern of light coloured lines, also known as veins.

"The word marble comes from the Greek ‘marmaros’, meaning ‘shining stone’"

Dutchbone Mil serving trolley

We love having marble in our inspiring collection and like to combine it with other materials. A contrast between chic marble and a robust metal frame makes a design exciting. This is perfectly demonstrated by our Mil trolley where the green marble of the surfaces is set off strikingly by the black iron frame. Buffalo leather straps and metal wheels add an extra cool dimension to the finished item.

Our side table Boss and Emerald also feature green marble tabletops. Boss has a shiny brass powder coated frame with an airy and open design, providing a pleasant visual contrast with the solid marble top.

Boss side table has a green marble table top

Fascinating wood

Another favourite interior design material is wood. Wood comes in a wide range of types, all of them varying in colour, thickness and hardness. Popular types include oak, teak, mango and sheesham (also known as Indian Rosewood). Speaking of sheesham, did you know India is among the countries where this tree grows? Classified as a hardwood, sheesham wood has a fine texture and quite a dark colour. Because of its dense structure, sheesham wood is strong and hardy. In our collection you’ll find the striking Sham coffee tables made of sheesham wood.

The Dutchbone collection also includes several lamps made of wood. We think the Woodland floor lamp with its ash wood veneer lamp shade is really special. Thanks to this thin layer of wood, the lamp casts a warm glow on your interior. And what about our Bond lamps! These are made using narrow strips of ash veneer that lock together like a jigsaw. You may have read about the origin of the Dutchbone Bond lamp in a previous blog.

Left: Dutchbone Sham coffee tables, right: Bond pendant lamps

Bamboo is another material we absolutely adore! Although strictly speaking bamboo is not a wood but a grass, I think we can get away with classifying it under wood for now. You see, our Dutchbone Boo pendant lamp is made of bamboo. This lamp is made by talented craftspeople in Asia who put a great deal of love and passion into their work. Because of its high growth rate, bamboo is a sustainable material. It has a long life span and is strong and durable. For these reasons bamboo has been gaining in popularity as a design material in recent years. It’s no wonder then, that the Dutchbone collection includes a bamboo lamp!

Mix & match to your heart’s content

The good thing about contemporary interior design is that you can combine all kinds of different styles. Materials can also be mixed and matched in whatever way you like. Not sure if certain materials can be mixed? Ask our Dutchbone design team for help by posting a message under this blog!